Delete field causes general function failure, empty attribute table

03-03-2014 09:08 AM
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I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 SP1.  I was working on a feature class within a file goedatabase and made a few minor edits (create a new feature, cut a feature in two) I ended the edit session without incident and proceeded  to recalculate some fields by selecting records, again no issues.  I then tried to delete an unwanted field, this gave me an error "General function Failure" and then wiped out my feature table.

The feature class will no longer add to any of my projects and is unviewable in ArcCatalog, I can however see the properties for it and can see that all the fields are still there.  It almost seems as though there is no link between the geometry and the attributes.

Is there a way that I can either repair the file or export the tabular data from the feature class at least?

any help is appreciated.


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Which field(s) did you delete?
What is the error you are receiving when attempting to view the feature class in ArcCatalog?  In other words, is the error still "general function failure" even when trying to preview it?

From the Fields tab of the Properties window (since you still appear to be able to get to it), try re-adding the exact same field(s) you deleted with the exact same data type, character limit, precision, scale, etc. depending on the type of field(s) you deleted.  Before doing anything though, make a backup copy of what you have in case you happen to make the problems worse.
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On the rare occasions when you're able to corrupt a file geodatabase, you really ought to contact Tech Support while the exact procedure is likely to be fresh in your mind, both so that recovery can begin as soon as possible, and research into how to prevent it from happening again can begin.  - V
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