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How to connect with arcsde using c# code .

03-04-2014 08:15 PM
New Contributor
I want to connect with sde to retrieve a table . I need to insert  some data into the table . I have information about sde like services ,server, user and password . please help me to connect sde in code
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
There are probably half a dozen different ways to address this issue, some of which would take hours to days to implement, and others would take weeks to months.  Using ArcObjects or SQL are going to be on the easy side, and using the ArcSDE API would be on the hard side.  I suggest you research the whole problem, rather than just the connection aspect. -V
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Esri Contributor
Hi singh22m,

Vince is correct, there are several ways to connect and perform operations against an enterprise geodatabase. I would suggest looking at the developer help section to aid in deciding what route to go:

For the ArcObjects .NET help.

Hope this helps.
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