Copy raster cells

11-28-2011 04:05 AM
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I have many raster layers of climate data for several Carribean islands (this is actually the BioClim dataset). I am interested in the climate details for several sample collection points on each island. However the BioClim data does not always go right to the coast of the island and I need to allocate values to some coastal points that do not have BioClim data. (Example image attached)

It is acceptable for my research to use the values from the nearest point inland that I have data for, but the question is how to copy the cell values to a new position? I know I can use ARIS Raster Editor (and having used the demo it does exactly what I want), but as a student I cannot afford the licence.

I don't mind labourious command typing, so is there a less 'glamourous' way of achieving a raster cell copy?
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