Connecting to a DB (PostgreSQL) and import a shapefile

03-16-2018 01:52 AM
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I try to import a shapefile in ArcGIS Pro by connecting to my DB using PostgreSQL.

When I try to put the layer in the map I have an error message "Failure for importing the data".

I check with an other shapefile coming from IGN and works when I import this data into the map, the unique difference between the two layer is the index. I haven't got a spatial index in my second data. Do you think, the problem is about that ?

How can I fix this ?

I have an another question : I have made a table in PostgrSQL and I have imported data with a .csv file but now I would like to transform this "flat" data to geometric data. The geometry will be a point, I have already two columns with X coordinate and Y coordinate. I work with the ID reference system 27564. My data don't have yet a spatial index. So, how can I add a geometry column to my data ? How can I import them in ArcGIS Pro without an error message ?

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To add a geometry column to my table I try this SQL request but it doesn't work :

ADD COLUMN ST_SETSRID (ST_Point (X_m,Y_m), 27564) as geom;

The error is near ST_Point, but I don't arrive to correct it... =(

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Can you paste the error from the statement?



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