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11-05-2019 11:55 AM
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I have a road feature class (in illustrations shown in gray color), each object in the attribute table has a "road_width" field with a numeric value, what width the road is. This feature class has over 1,300 places where there is a topology error, where the areas overlap. I exported the overlapping areas to a separate feature class (in the illustrations shown in red color) I can't calculate the real road shape area because there are overlapping areas, so shape area doubles. What I want to do, I will show in the illustrations.


I want every overlapping area to be cut (removed) from a road object with a smaller value for the "road_width" attribute and attached to a road object with a higher value for the "road_width" attribute. in the case shown in the illustration, the marked, overlapping area will be cut (removed) from the road object which has a value 5.5 for the "road_width" field and will be attached to the road object which has a value 6 for the "road_width" field.

In the event that the overlapping area is between road objects that have the same value for the "road_width" attribute, the overlapping area will be cut (removed) from any of these two objects and attached to any of these two objects. Example


I need a solution in Model Builder.

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