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2020 Census Data Download

02-14-2024 01:34 PM
New Contributor

I have data from when the 2020 census from when it was first published, but it's missing certain fields (median household income, no vehicle households, etc.), I'm assuming those were added in subsequent years, and want to find the most up to date dataset. I'm not sure where to download this from.

Do you know where I could obtain this?

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Hi jchadwich!

Did you say census?,-101.6162,z2.3242

You can pull layers off from the Census site.

Here's another one, IPUMS:

And of course you can find authoritative files on ArcGIS Online /Living Atlas.

Since you're a first time poster, welcome to the Esri Community!

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You can also search and download your needed data from American Community Survey website.

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