Support SQL Triggers in ArcSDE

05-07-2010 05:20 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Having SQL Triggers on the Adds tables for SDE feature classes/tables is very useful.  For example, you can have an automatically updated timestamp field or a field that automatically populates the username of the current editor.  Unfortunately, SQL triggers are currently not supported and if you have a versioned SDE environment and/or geodatabase topology, if you need to unregister as versioned or make changes to the topology, you have to recreate the triggers on the Adds tables.  If triggers were supported, then perhaps this phenomenon wouldn't have to occur.

Check out the Tax Parcel Editing toolbar. It has a lot of this functionality.
There are many uses for this functionality that are not included in a Tax Parcel Editor. If we had direct support for Database Triggers the possiblities would be endless.
Status changed to: Already Offered

Editor Tracking and Attribute Rules provide this functionality.