Replace domains with look-up-tables in underlying database.

06-12-2012 03:57 PM
Status: Open
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I never understood why ArcGIS uses domains when it could just use tables from the underlying database. If your geodatabase is built on top of Oracle, then you should be able to just choose which table/field is the appropriate "domain" for the field you are creating. In this way, when you update the Oracle table in some other app, the changes can be automatically applied to the geodatabase (using versioning, etc. when necessary). The fact that ArcGIS uses domains means that ESRI now has to build all these tools in order to edit the domains and it's very difficult for other apps to have access to that data (even read access, nevermind write access).

Agree. We all implement relational databases for a reason... You should see te faces of the database managers when I explain their relational database with normalized tables does not benefit the geodatabase much as we have to build tools to convert and maintain domain tables using toolboxes yet even these are lacking useful tools such as sort or reorder values. The geodatabase should use more relational design for its functionality. This might the same as this idea here, so make sure you vote for both.

Totaly agree. And not only a lookup for domainvalues would be nice but also use the relational power of the DBMS. ArcGIS support subtypes to generate domain lookups specific for a choice you make. Why not make this functionality go deeper. Domainvalues with relates to domainvalues and so on. You get a kind of tree choicelist through domain values. Eventualy you get an master/detail lookup for domain values.
Ditto on both comments, so far.  I thought of those things the first time I saw this issue in the ESRI Geodatabase many years ago.  This is such a no-brainer.  Why did ESRI do it the hard way?

How come this is not even "Under Consideration"?