Copy Subtype from one feature class to another

08-29-2011 11:17 AM
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It would be nice to be able to copy or assign the subtype definition from one feature class to another similar to a domain. if you have 2 feature classes that use the exact same subtypes it seems an unnecessary extra task to enter the information twice and can also lead to mistakes.


How to “import” and “export” values to the “Subtype”?


1.     The command “Table to domain” and “domain to table” are used to transfer data from and to the “domain” of the geodatabase.

2.     Why we don’t have a command that transfer data from and to the “subtype”?


This is very frustrating!


Could you develop this command please?

I agree 100% It is very frustrating that we still cannot import and export subtypes in version 10.1 of the software.
Just ran into this today. Will probably run into it again soon. At least you can copy all the rows from the subtype table and paste them into Excel. To bad it doesn't work in reverse though. Nothing like a little copy/paste repitition to put a drag on the day.
I agree, this is poor design considering the work it takes to set up subtypes with default values and domains. Come on ESRI get it done.
In version 10.2.2 still no such function, not even copy paste from excel. Very annoying when using making a map from a access or any other database. This is the porblem with ArcGIS in my opinion they framework is to closed.

Best way maby is copy paste to tabel and then using edit template to create features.

This appears not to be developed even in Pro 3.0.1


This tool is already available when it comes to importing domains saved in table




Yes this is needed. Contingent Values can be exported and imported, but not Subtypes.