Add the ability to create dynamic query inside the Geodatabase

04-23-2010 01:35 AM
Status: Open
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Like in MS Access queries with all the functionality to combine GDB tables\feature classes, add craeteria to filter subsets, Group By, Calculated field (base on other fields), ect.
Not static like it is now in 'make table query' tool (Arctoolbox), but dynamic (respond to origin tables cahnges).

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Hello! I use always MS Access and develop many apps for manage data of my features; I have create reports, automated and simple query and many other procedures... but It's possible that in ArcMap isn't so simple?
for example I generate a report with MS Access and I export it as image and this image I load in my layout... This isn't difficult and It's regular in my project, but it's unpleasant
An other procedure is most practise by me, the Calculated field base on other fields of other table (deco_table) like urban zoning specification area with volume and land-use... It's similar to use Model Builder, but there is many problem with join and temp files that are not implementing very well in Model Builder.
With Model Builder is difficult to create a Control Panel same as MS Access form...
On the finish... If i decide to select for need a FileGeodatabase (GDB), MS Acces don't see hom Data connect, and when my features-file size become 2gb I lost my ispiration.

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