How to find your rank and badges

09-01-2020 01:03 AM

How to find your rank and badges

About Ranks

Your rank is assigned based on your actions within the community. You will gradually work up the rank ladder as you become more active in the community. You can find out more about the ranks in this doc.

About Badges

Badges are earned as you complete different actions within the community. They are not tied to your rank, but as you earn more badges, you move up the rank ladder as they both equate to your actions in the community.

Finding your Badges and Ranks

Go to My Profile.

You will see your rank listed under your name.

For badges, you will see your earned badges to the right of your name.

Click on the View All Badges Earned, and you will see all the badges. Any grayed out badges have not been earned yet.

Click on any badge to learn what you did to earn it or need to do to earn it.

For more information on badges, read Esri Community Badges

What happened to my points from the old GeoNet (2014-2020)?

The new Community platform does not use a point structure. Your points from the old GeoNet were used to help determine your starting rank in our new Community (deployed 2020).

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