Community Member Rank Guide

09-24-2020 12:39 PM
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Community Member Rank Guide

What are member ranks?


Member ranks are a fun gamification element that incentivizes participation, rewards quality, and establishes reputation in the community. Every member of the community is assigned a rank based on their contributions.


Is there a list of the user ranks?


Regular Member Ranks:


  •  New Member 
  • Observer
  • New Explorer
  • Occasional Explorer
  • Frequent Explorer
  • Avid Explorer
  • New Contributor
  • New Contributor II
  • New Contributor III
  • Occasional Contributor
  • Occasional Contributor II
  • Occasional Contributor III
  • Regular Contributor
  • Regular Contributor II
  • Regular Contributor III
  • Frequent Contributor I
  • Frequent Contributor II
  • Frequent Contributor III
  • Notable Contributor
  • Honored Contributor
  • Esteemed Contributor
  • Legendary Contributor





How do I earn a new rank?


User ranks are awarded based on combinations of various types of user activity in the community. In short, the more you participate, the higher a rank you will reach!


The first six ranks are passive ranks. As soon as a member creates their first post, they jump over the passive ranks to the first active rank, New Contributor, and then work their way up the ladder from that point forward.


What features are unlocked with each rank?


While we won't spoil all of the surprises heading your way, there are a few key features worth highlighting:


Once you reach the New Contributor rank the following features are enabled:

  • The private messenger feature is enabled
  • Upload and embed videos and images
  • Use a signature and create profile card


What are the criteria for each rank? 


It wouldn't be nearly as fun if we told you!


Where does my rank display?


Your rank will display on your profile page, on each post you make, and your profile hover card.


I've seen users with ranks that aren't on the list above. What gives?


It's true. Some members – Esri Staff & Distributor, and our MVPs - have custom ranks so that you'll always know who you're interacting with. Community Admins and Moderators do not follow the rank ladder, their ranks will be identified as Admin or Mod.


Esri Ranks (Staff & Distributors)


  • Esri
  • Esri Contributor
  • Esri Regular Contributor
  • Esri Frequent Contributor
  • Esri Notable Contributor
  • Esri Esteemed Contributor



MVP Ranks


  • MVP
  • MVP Regular Contributor
  • MVP Frequent Contributor
  • MVP Notable Contributor
  • MVP Honored Contributor
  •  MVP Esteemed Contributor
  • MVP Legendary Contributor


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