How to create a bulk calculate attribute rule that only runs on a subset of a feature class

01-25-2024 08:55 AM
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Hello, I'm relatively new to attribute rules, and I'm currently exploring options for using batch calculation as an alternative to immediate calculation to speed up some bulk processing after large nightly data imports to my data. 

I'm trying to create a batch calculation attribute rule, and I only need it to run on a subset of features in a feature class.  I'm curious if there is a way to apply the filter on the attribute rule so it only runs on features that meet the conditions in a SQL whereclause. My hope is this will speed the batch calculation run time.

So, for example I'd like a batch calc attribute rule that does something like this:

For Bulk Calc Attribute Rule A, only run it against rows in Feature Class B that match SQL WHERECLAUSE C.  For records that match the whereclause, update one attribute value on the row.  All other rows on the feature class are ignored. 

I guess the simple way to do this is to put an IIF() statement inside the Attribute rule.  But this means the attribute rules will evaluate every row in the feature class.  I already know this one attribute rule would only apply to features with specific values, which would drop the number of rows to assess from 100k+ to only 100 or so.  I guess there is a way to use a "FILTER()" function, but I haven't seen an example of sticking that in an attribute rule.

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