Get feature count from layer using ArcReader

08-21-2019 02:04 PM
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I was contacted by a user at one of our fire departments. He is using ArcReader to view hydrants and valves (which was set up for him by an outside contractor). He asked if there was a way to get a count of the number of hydrants or to see the data.

I've downloaded this program and can't see any way for a user to view the attribute table or even get an overall count of the number of features in a layer in the pmf file. Am I overlooking something? There doesn't seem to be any way for him to export the information either as a layer or even csv file, either. Suggestions or help needed, please!

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Sorry for late reply, just saw this today.

Since ArcReader is non authoritative, don't think this is an option by design.

The only way I know of to do what you ask in Reader, is to right-click on the layer and "zoom to layer extent".

then, use the identify tool to open the identify window, and change the "Identify from" dropdown to the layer in question (Hydrants in this case).  Then, using the identify tool, drag a box around the entire display.  This will populate the identify window with all the hydrants within your selected area.  Will give you a total count at the bottom left, and you can scroll through the results with the mouse, scrollbar or arrow keys.

Hope this helps, though I'm sure not what you were hoping for.