axMapControl.LoadMxMap hang when ArcGis server is offline

08-08-2012 07:05 AM
New Contributor
I use LoadMxMap to load maps into my arcEngine application. Mxd can "reference both local maps and ArcGIS server maps.
If the mxd reference a map on the ArcGis Server and the server is offline, then the call hang about 20 sec for each map
references. Might be ok if only one map is references, but the user start to get impatient when the wait-time get longer.
Any way to check if the maps can load without waiting for all references maps to time out.

I call CheckMxFile before call to Load but it returnes ok even if server is offline (probably only check mxt file).

The user makes the maps, so I cannot "ping" the server or something like that.

I need to use LoadMxMap because of another "bug" in Engine.

Lars G. Grønkjær - Denmark
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