What can I do to fix the crash issue in ESRI Arc Map 10.6?

12-03-2018 10:16 PM
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There are two issues:

The first is that Arc Map 10.6 keeps crashing. Today about 5 times. I have attached the error reports. The computer specs I'm using are as below: 

The second issue is that when I select send error report. There is an error sending it and then it asks if I want to save it in the ErrorReports folder.

Thanks for help in advance

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did you email the error reports to the email in the message?

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I too am experiencing a high frequency of crashes in ArcMap 10.6x. It happens 4-10 times per day and with all different kinds of simple tasks.

Typically what happens is the graphics just fail. The entire app "white screens" and I have no recourse but to kill the process. When that happens, the "error report" dialog does not display. Other times it crashes with the error report dialog and I must apologize to Esri for how I voice my frustration in my comments....

I also use 10.5.1 without any crashes on another setup (I do contact work at different locations).

One difference I notice with my work on 10.6x, I have an open connection to Oracle 11g to view spatial data along with my local data. My 10.5 setup, I often have a connection to SQL Server 2017 viewing native geometries.

The crashes with 10.6 is killing productivity.... and ArcGIS Pro doesn't have all the features I need....

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What features are missing from Pro that you need?

Maybe add a list of these features to this thread and add your vote if you have not already done so:

Are you having crashes in 10.6.x when working with the Oracle 11g data?

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Hi John,

I understand that you say sometimes you don't get the error report dialog, but when you do, are you submitting the report with your email address and description?  See ArcGIS Desktop Error Reporter Learns Its Manners 

I see you mention 10.6 and 10.6x.  If you're in 10.6.1, we've been seeing many customers affected by the issue that is fixed by ArcGIS 10.6.1 (Desktop, Engine, Server) Buffering Degenerated Polygon Patch If you haven't installed that patch, it would be worth a try.  

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I do submit my email with the error report.

I'll have the patch installed and see if I notice a difference.

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Sarah-Jane Edwards‌ Thank you for sharing the error reports.  We have a development team looking at those now and it isn't entirely clear exactly what would lead to this.

It appears (unfortunately) that you can relatively consistently reproduce this crash.  Would you be able to share those steps with us?  You can either post them here, or email to kkramer@esri.com.  I understand that doing that will take your time and want to thank you beforehand for that.  We very much appreciate your time and hope that getting steps that reproduce this crash will allow us to isolate the underlying cause and fix it.

Thank you! 

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