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Unable to Export Raster to Certain Hard Drives

04-17-2021 10:15 PM
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I have ArcMap 10.8 installed on my PC, and I'm trying to export a raster dataset to a specific location, but I am having some issues. See the screenshots for reference about the command I am attempting.





I have three drives on my PC, and I want to save this export to a specific drive because that's where I store most of my large files. However, this command is not letting me save to any drive other than my C (main) drive. I tried editing permissions of the folder I'm trying to send it to, but I couldn't get anything to work.

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My advice (from the school of hard knocks) is to never place raster datasets in a folder that has special characters (yours has -, & and space: a trifecta). Not only in the raster name, but in the entire path. The most likely issue is the &.

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