Travel Time calculation from DEM

08-31-2022 02:28 AM
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I have a a set catchment with a water abstraction point at the boundary. I want to calculate the Travel time of each pixel within the catchment to this abstraction point. My plan is to first calculate the flow length for each pixel (using DEM data) and then include flow velocity to generate the travel time for each pixel.

I will first apply the 'Flow Direction' tool and then check with the 'Sink' tool whether any sinks are present. If that is the case I will apply the 'Fill' tool to remove any sinks. 

Then I would apply the 'Flow Length' tool but this is where I have a question. How can I determine that I want the flow length to be calculate for every pixel to the determined abstraction point? I read in the 'Watershed' toll description that you can determine pour points, is there something similar for the 'Flow length tool'? 

I am working in ArcMap.

If anyone has done something similar before or has an idea how I could approach this, that would help me  a lot!

Thank you 🙂


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