symbolize point with directional vector

08-30-2022 12:49 PM
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I've been given a set of points as a shapefile with a column representing the direction in which the photo was taken.  Is there a way to represent this in ArcMap with the direction rather than just a place marker?  Alternately, is there a way to create a line of the directional angle from the point that could go along with the point shapefile?  I think the person I'm doing this for wants this to be transferrable when he sends the shapefile to someone else.

Thanks to all.

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Create an appropriate symbol that shows both location and direction. Eg a point with some form of arrow 



Rotate the symbol based on the field values: How To: Rotate point marker symbols in ArcMap (





If you only send the shapefile, the receiving person will have to do that again themselves. Symbology is not saved withion the shapefile.

You could send the shapefile and a layerfile with this configuration or upload the coinfigured layer to AGOL or Portal and share the web layer.

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