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Symbols sometimes not showing up (TOC, map)

05-11-2021 04:49 AM
New Contributor III


symbols in TOC and map are sometimes not showing up:

- seems to happen only with one user 

- happens very infrequent

- turning PC off / on seems to solve the issue but not always

Other users have not reported anything like this. Any ideas what might causes this or a way to narrow it down?

Our Esri partner suggested re-creating ArcMap profile for the user - we have done that. Next suggestion was to reset Windows profile - which is a no go.

Thank you, Rob




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Could be a hardware issue if it is only occurring for one user, may be display drivers need updating?

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What fonts are you using to create the symbols?

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the font is installed with the third party application we use. it's a custom font created by the application developer. it's installed locally in windows fonts folder.

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