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Sum of multiple attribute values

09-17-2019 10:06 AM
New Contributor II

It seems that this should be simple, but it is proving to be a challenge. I have a layer with 75 communities (rows). Fifty attributes (columns) were created, each representing a service representing a service that is or is not available in the community, represented by "1" or "0".

I want to show the number of services available in each town. I created a new attribute "Services" and expected to use the Field Calculator to total up the value (number of services available) for each row. It appears that the only way I might do that is by typing in Sum([   ]) and typing in the name of all fifty attributes inside the brackets (see below).

What am I missing? Is there a simpler way? I don't want a table, I just want a total so that I a broad map showing the number of services available in each community can be shown.



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