Student License troubleshooting- toolbox tools not working

10-03-2021 12:40 PM
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I am having an issue finishing an assignment on Coursera due to a licensing issue. In order to finish my assignment I need to have access to zonal statistics under the tool box and other tools. Every time I go to use it, it says my license does not include a (tool name) license. The license is through Coursera and I have the correct version. The license is supposed to be active until the end of the year. 

Last time I used ArcGIS was several months ago (but still in 2021). Life happened, so I had to take a break. Some tools but not all the tools are working. Only a very small percent of classmates have this issue.

How do I fix this?

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Go to Customize, Extensions and toggle on the Spatial Analyst.

In ArcMap, extensions aren't automagically enabled as they are in ArcGIS Pro

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Please ensure you have enabled the *Spatial Analyst *extension in *ArcMap >
Customize > Extensions*.
Please refer the steps

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