Spatial Join Result have JOIN_COUNT= 0

04-13-2022 07:28 AM
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I am trying to join two polygons with Spatial Join. My process;


When the process is complete, I get the value of JOIN_COUNT= O in the output data. And the fields in that features are null.





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maybe "completely contains" is the wrong type of join to use.

Your map would help. 

Also, are both are in the same coordinate system?

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If you check:

That the two input layers are in the same spatial reference,

That polygons in GT_10_Acre_File_Merge actually do fall completely within the bounds of the Geogia_Counties_Single_Part polygon file and;

That both files do not have coordinate geometry errors. 

and it all checks out (and I suspect it will) I would try using the one-to-many option.  

The resulting Spatial Join file will have County Polygons showing one row for each 10_Acre_Merge_Polygon that falls within it.


If everything checks out and this doesn't work then I can't fathom why no results.... maybe try switching up you inputs for example below show all of the smaller polygons that are completely within a larger polygon.  




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To me, if you want to join the 10_Acre_Merge_Polygon (join) to the County Polygons (target), you should select one-to-many, because multiple 10_Acre_Merge_Polygon (join) features may be found to have the same spatial relationship with a single County Polygon (target feature).  Yes, I would suggest changing "completely contains"  to "intersect".  

- Jeff

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