Spatial Join and Dissolve

10-18-2020 11:52 PM
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Hi Guys, 

I'm stuck with a bit of a challenge. I have a grid and multiple polygons (buffered points). Each polygon has attributes and may cross multiple grid squares. I need to know for each grid what the polygon is with the highest value for a particular attribute, but also all of the other attributes.

A spatial join of grid to polygon gives me every polygon and it's corresponding intersected grids. In theory I then need to dissolve these to be left with only the polygon per grid with the highest value for the particular attribute. I just cannot achieve this? The dissolve leaves me with the grid and highest attribute, but not all of the other attributes for that polygon.

Any ideas? ArcMap basic licensing..  

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Dissolve does an aggregation of the attributes based on the dissolve field and the statistics_fields that are specfied

Dissolve (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

You would need the ID of the shape containing the maximum in order to join the rest of the data back

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