Raster to Polygon tool fails to convert a raster

03-09-2021 09:58 AM
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The tool generates only the raster's boundary when it uses as input a raster that was automatically (after user confirmation) added to the TOC resulting from the Export Raster Data.

Steps to reproduce the failure:

  1. Open the ArcMap (tested on version;
  2. Add an elevation raster to the TOC. For example, the 'EGM2008_subset.tif', available at https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=042f87ce25e34bffa244cf306dcb7aae;
  3. Classify the raster's symbology in 3 classes;
  4. From the layer's context menu, choose [Data > Export Data];
  5. Check the option 'Use renderer' and proceed;
  6. When prompted 'Would you like to add the exported data to the map as a layer?', choose 'Yes';
  7. Open the Toolbox and use the tool [Convertion Tools/From Raster/Raster to Polygon];
  8. Set the previously converted raster as the input raster and proceed;
  9. The resulting Shapefile output comprises only the boundary of the raster


    1. After exporting the raster, when prompted to add the exported data to the map (step 6), choose 'No' and then add the raster manualy after this.
    2. Proceed with the conversion
    1. After exporting the raster, when prompted to add the exported data to the map, choose 'Yes'.
    2. remove the raster's layer from the TOC, then undo this action, so that the layer is added again.
    3. Proceed with conversion
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First convert yout raster to Int and tha  use tbe Int raster as a input raster of Raster to polygon tool.

Hope this works.


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Hi @DrVSSKiran,

This is not really a question, just a bug report and a workaround, but thanks for your reply.
Maybe I should post it somewhere else, just don't know where.

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If it's bug drop a mail to servicedesk@esri.com. But I didn't found any bug
on ArcGIS10.8 when I was converted raster to polygon.
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Thanks. I was hoping to post it publicly to let others know about the issue and related solution.
Have you reproduced all the steps as described? The bug should occur when using Raster to Polygon after having used Export Data on the same session. It is a very specific case and easy to circumvent, but very annoying. It seems that ArcMap fails to properly load the raster (resulting from the previous operation), so the next operation works as if it received a blank raster.

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