how to copy attributes with different names into new shape file?

03-09-2021 06:56 AM
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Hello Community

I have a problem, moving polygon features from one layer into another layer while keeping attribute values. Some of the attribute fields have identical names others have the name changed:

Polygon1                Polyton2_new

Attribute_A    ->     Attribute_A

Attribute_B    ->     Attribute_C

Attribute_C    ->    Attribute_D

If I just copy and paste the polygon features, only the attribute values of the matching attribute names are copied, others are not copied to the new polygon layer. If I use "spatial attribute mapping" its a LOT of work, as I have about 1000 features. If I use "Spatial Join", I get another layer (e.g. polygon3) and its a lot of work to identify and specify which attribute values should be assigned to which new attributes.

Is there a simple way to copy all features including their geomerties from polygon1-layer with attributes A, B, C into an existing (but empty) polygon2 layer with attributes A, C, D where A1 = A2, B1 = C2 and C1 = D2 values should be copied/moved?

I hope my explanation is more or less understandable  🙂 Thanks for your help!


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Follow some simple steps.

1. Generate unique id in both the polygons.

2. Copy polygon fearures B to polygon A

3. Now export polygon B table as a CSV

4. Join attributes based on unique id which you were generated previpusly

5. Delete unwanted table columns if something is there.


Hope this works

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The Append tool should do the trick (make a copy of your data first!).

Append (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

You control the input field going to the output field via the fieldmappings.

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