Permanently binding SQLite Databases in ArcMap

04-21-2020 12:10 AM
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I have a problem with SQLite in ArcMap 10.7.1. I have an SQLite Database which contains some geometric tables (points, polygons, lines...) and som tables without geometric informations (calculation results).

In ArcMap I want to load the point features and display the colour depending on the joined calculation results, which I am able to do. But as soon as I save the project, close and open it again, I get an error message when I try to open the attribute table.

ArcMap is set to German but the error message could be translated to something similar to this:

"Could not load data from source. If you can solve the problem, click 'Update' to reload the data. Reasons for that problem could be: poor networkconnection, invalid field etc. The operation is not supported by this implementation." The attribute table is empty, no field names are displayed.

Could it be possible, that the name of the feature (main.schacht) is the reason for that behaviour (the point at the end) and, if so, how can I tell ArcMap to name it different (e.g. "schacht") since the "main."-part is natively part of the sqlite-environment? When I change the layers name from "main.schacht" to "schacht" the table can be shown but I cannot join them on the results (no matter if I changed the results name from "main.LAU_MAX_S" to "LAU_MAX_S" or not) anymore.

How can I permanently bind the SQLite features and still be able to join them?

(Example attached. I want to join the table main.schacht.Name on main.LAU_MAX_S.Knoten)

Thanks in advance.

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