Elevation Void Fill artifacts

04-21-2020 06:02 AM
New Contributor

Exporting the temporary file from the Elevation Void Fill Function produces 'steps' in the interpolated regions in the output raster that are not there in the temporary function raster. 

The issue appears to be related to tiling or pyramids.  Step functions in the interpolated regions appear in the temporary file at different zoom levels, and move locations depending on the zoom level, but do not appear in profiles drawn through the temporary file.

When exporting, the values in the itnterpolated region are different in the exported raster, than in the temporary file, and the elevation 'steps' are written into the exported raster file.

I have replicated this error with several different datasets.  Turning off create pyramids in the options or environmental variables during export does not resolve the problem.  Areas to be filled can be rather large, nodata filled zones.  a

Elevation file is In UTM, tif format.  The artifact appears whether saved in tif, gid, or BSQ.

With smaller files, if I perform a raster calculation on the temporary file, the output files do not show artifacts.  With larger files (covering an order of magnitude larger area), raster calculations produce the same artifacts in the output data.

Any known cause or work around for this data effect?

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