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drag drop hyperlinks into attribute table

04-22-2020 08:18 AM
New Contributor

I spend a lot of time downloading pdfs which I then link to my attributes via hyperlink.  That involves me looking for the file and copying the Folder hierarchy into the text based hyperlink field.  Then highlighting the file name to copy/paste to the end of that string.  Why isn't there a simple method like dragging and dropping the file from Windows or ArCatalog directly into the field instead?  It would save eons of time!

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Greg,

That's a great suggestion! I did a brief search of our Ideas page, and it doesn't look like there is an enhancement logged for having the functionality of dragging and dropping hyperlinks into fields of the attribute table. I'd recommend posting this on our Ideas page here: We like to encourage the utilization of our Ideas page, as it is the most robust and effective platform for logging software enhancements, since it gains visibility from various GIS users and Esri staff.



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