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No longer importing OBJECTID field

11-13-2020 12:05 PM
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Hi everyone I'm very new to ArcMap and a novice so any help will be great if it can be explained as well, also it is only use it so far for drawing route lines. When I create a new feature class in my geodatabase and import the tables it won’t add a new objectid field from a previous table. From what I’ve gathered when this was setup if it was called anything else (shapenumber for example) I could just add a new field manually to the table and don't know why this wasn't originally the setup. Now the person I pass the routes onto uses the objectid (short integer) to export the routes, so I need this to be called this and the default objectid switched to objectid_1. Up till now it has always let me but for some reason when importing fields it doesn't add the new objectid and rename the original.

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I'm not entirely getting your workflow, but the OBJECTID is usually mangled in certain geoprocessing workflows (e.g. where datasets are combined, joined etc.) and when dealing with tables in relational databases.

Without elaborating a bit more, the only thing I could think of is exporting to something like a shapefile, deleting the old OBJECTID field (shapefile has an FID field now), then exporting back to an FGDB.  However I appreciate you may have millions of records or complex relationship classes etc. 

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