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KMZ to Project Automation Script

04-09-2021 07:18 PM
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Hello GIS Community,

I have put together a script that will help me automate some repetitive work that I do on a weekly/sometimes daily basis. This script does the following:

1. Iterates through and converts KMZ to GDB and LYR files

(Input parameter = KMZ_IN - Input)

(Output parameter = KMZ_OUT - Output)

2. Iterates through KMZ_OUT folder and projects each feature class within each workspace using the Workspace name and the feature class name as concatenate

(parameter as GDB_OUT - Input) or (parameter as GDB_OUT - Output) When done as Output the tool fails and generates an error saying that the feature class output could not be done. When done as Input the tool succeeds; however, the feature class table is far from correct. The table appears to be the same features as the very first feature from KMZ_OUT workspace processed. It is supposed to iterate through each one and convert and assign the appropriate naming convention. The naming works but the data is incorrect.

I have attached my script below

Any assistance on figuring this out would be appreciated.





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