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Error Inspector

03-10-2020 11:59 AM
New Contributor

For some reason the error inspector tool is greyed out as if I only have a Basic license, but I have an Advanced license. How can I make it usable?

Topology tool bar with Fix Topology Error and Error Inspector greyed out

My program license, which is advanced

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Esri Notable Contributor

Have you validated the geodatabase topology and added it to the dataframe with the feature classes participating in the topology?  Please advise.

New Contributor

I also have the same error, cant fix it. It all started when i reinstalled windows and installed arcgis again. I do the topology corectly but the error inspector doesnt work, although my errors are shown 

New Contributor

I am also having the same issue!

New Contributor

Hello, May I ask if you solved the proble, please? I also have the same issue.


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New Contributor

I too am having the same issue.  Edit session is on for the applicable feature class.  It works fine with other topologies, but not one in particular.  It also shows the errors but the error inspection table is greyed out and I cannot therefore do a "search now" for the visible extent.  Please advise.  Thank you.

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