How to increase UI size in ArcMap/ArcCatalog

06-08-2022 11:11 PM
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Hey All,

I have switched recentley from 1080p dispaly to 4K one.

After that upgrade I have noticed the icon sizes are very small, When I switched back to 1080p its all fine but the UI isnt sacling to 4K. I have made the icon bigger in the costumize menu and it helped a bit but not all the icons git bigger and the text stayed small with no change.

Do anyone know how to increase the UI scale or increase the text size?


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What do you mean by the UI?

I would get rid of the 4k. No significant benefit unless your using your computer to play games. 

Do you have the Scale and Layout set to 100%

When my work laptop is connected I have the resolution lowered.  On my personal computer is kicked up to the edge of the notches. 




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I got you, RoeeBaeloha.  This can be achieved.   See my first screenshot.  Make sure you set it to System (Enhanced).  This honors the Windows "Scale and layout settings" see my second screenshot.  I think you'll find that looks much better than your screenshot.  You can turn off "Large Icons" after you change this setting, I see you found that option in customize mode.

Tell me you don't have 4k without telling me you don't have 4k:

"I would get rid of the 4k. No significant benefit unless your using your computer to play games."

Not a single person that has 4k would make that claim. A 32" 4k monitor is phenomenal, dare I say ideal, for GIS, Desktop or Pro.

Screenshot 2022-06-24 115810.png




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