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'Create Sink Structures' Error

02-18-2021 01:37 PM
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I am using ArcHydro on ArcMap 10.5.1

I am trying to delineate a map I have to determine water drainage areas, low lying areas, and direction of the water flow. I am following this tutorial: Arc Hydro - Identifying and Managing Sinks.pdf (

So far, I have completed the following steps: Sink Prescreening, Sink Evaluation, Sink Selection. I am trying to use the 'Create Sink Structures' function but I keep getting this error message:

Start Time: Thu Feb 18 15:33:54 2021
Running script CreateSinkStructures...
('line 819', 'c:\\program files (x86)\\arcgis\\desktop10.5\\ArcToolbox\\Scripts\\ArcHydro\\', 'RuntimeError: Object: Error in getting parameter as text')
Completed script CreateSinkStructures...
Failed to execute (CreateSinkStructures).
Failed at Thu Feb 18 15:33:54 2021 (Elapsed Time: 0.24 seconds)

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can solve this issue? 


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I moved it to the ArcMap space in the Community.  That might help find someone that uses it and ArcHydro

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