Shape_length() and Shape_area() fields unavailable after joining an SDE Feature class with an SDE table

12-03-2020 07:27 AM
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Hi everyone,

I have this situation where I need to join an SDE feature class table with an SDE table. Once I do this, the Shape_area() and Shape_length() fields are lost, not turned off, but completely unavailable in the attribute table and in the fields tab in the Feature Class properties. I need both fields to be retained together with the fields from the join table.

The strange thing is that this only happens when I try to join two SDE Feature Classes or an SDE Feature Class and an SDE table. If I join a file GDB table to my SDE feature class, the area and length fields are retained. As far as I know these Shape_area() and Shape_length() fields are virtual in relational geodatabases, generated based on the geometry field, because actually I cannot see them in the database when I connect with my DB client, but only in ArcMap. Does this issue have something to do with this maybe?

Anyone else have noticed this? Any directions on how to solve this?


Best Regards,

Tome Jovanovski,

GDi Skopje, official ESRI distributor in Macedonia.

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I am in an MS SQL Server EGDB using ArcMap 10.7.1 and I see the same behavior. When the FC has no join. the Shape_area() and Shape_length() fields are there, after joining to an enterprise table or FC, they are gone. Not just turned off, gone.



Decided to try it in Pro and the behavior is different. The fields are still there but they are at the beginning of the list of fields:



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Hi Tome, 

Did you find any direction on how to solve this? I'm wanting to do a query on my joined AREA field but it's disappearing just like yours! 

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