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Clipping or Cutting LU/LC Data Shapefile

02-02-2021 06:58 AM
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Hi everyone! I have a LU/LC data set shapefile that covers the entirety of a water management district, but need to clip it down to just a county while retaining the LU/LC data/attributes. I've clipped an outline of the county to overlay on it to have the clear boundary, but is there anyway to use the extent of that clip and use it to set the boundaries to cut down the other data set and retain the properties? The articles I've been finding haven't been too much help.

Also, does anyone recommend any articles that explain how to separate the different LU/LC codes from one data set in order to have them as separate files? 

Thanks in advance!


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Create your extent featureclass for clipping.  Just use the rectangle tool to delineate the bounds and edit the coordinates to get nice numbers.  Then clip using that featureclass

As for separating files by their attributes

Split By Attributes (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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