Join Field Tool Isn't Working Anymore

02-03-2021 08:09 AM
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I use ArcMap 10.6.3 and I've been using the join field tool to add large amounts of data successfully from excel spreadsheets to the attribute tables.

I would add the spreadsheet to the map and export it as a Dbase table in order to add OIDs so I could use the join field tool. 

I do this by a common field of building number, however recently it says the tool has been successful even though it only adds a small chunk of data, specifically only buildings with numbers 999 and under. 

I have no idea why this is happening so I though I'd throw it out to the community to see if anyone has any theories!

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Use Excel to Table, into a file geodatabase.  The excel table presumably has an equivalent join field of the same type as the destination and there are no blank entries?

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