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ArcMap Export Raster Data Fail

03-22-2017 02:39 PM
New Contributor II

I am having trouble exporting raster data from a MrSid file I successfully clipped. I right click on the layer containing the raster data then I go Data-->Export Data.

I get the Export Raster Data dialog box as expected. I would like to export the Raster Data to a GeoTIFF w spatial data brought along. However I cannot change the format box to GeoTIFF. It is greyed out and I am unable to change it.

I am sure something is wrong with my basic approach as I am not an experienced user. But I am following the directions in the help and they are not working. Any advice would be appreciated! Please see attached screenshot.


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Try changing the location to a basic folder instead of a Geodatabase. Then you will get other options.

Think Location
New Contributor II

Trying to do it now.....Thanks!

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Ok. I was able to change the format to TIFF and put a file name of DOQQ-Clip.tif in the file name field. However when I use the browse button next to location I am unable to just put a plain folder/directory in it. Please see attached screenshot. NOt sure how to get the TIFF exported still.Screenshot

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It appears to be asking you to select a workspace... so if you want it to go into a folder, select the folder name (try the 'gis' folder for example)  Once the workspace (aka a folder or a geodatabase) you should get asked for a file name