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ArcMap Doesn't Respond Please Help

02-05-2020 04:43 PM
New Contributor

Hello whoever,

I am trying to simply go into my data frame properties and ArcMap fails to let me do that unless if I'm in a blank document. I am not working with a lot of data so I am really confused on why this is happening. Every time I try it says it's not responding. Please anyone help me, ESRI says I don't pay them enough money for technical support.

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New Contributor III

What version of ArcMap are you running? If it is an older version, you might want to consider installing a newer version or finding an updated patch.

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Regular Contributor

Hi Adam,

First try to delete the Normal.mxt:

C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME* \AppData\Roaming\Esri\Desktop*XX.X*\ArcMap\Templates

Delete or Rename: Normal.mxt

Open your project and try again.

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