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Arcmap default range domain in subtypes doesn't work

06-07-2021 11:35 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Hi dears,

I have a question about ArcGIS Desktop10.8.1.

I created Feature class and assigned a subtypes with Default domains (range) for each subtype, the problem is when I selecting subtype (which I have already add a default range domain on it) to create features then add values out of domain range, Arcamp doesn't give me the OutOfRange error message (automatic validate record when editing is Active).

the Out Of Range error message appears only when open fields tab from feature class properties and assigned a domain on the selecting field.

example: have a Streets feature class with Highways, primary, and secondary streets (which are Subtypes) and want to give each subtype default domain for Speed, so Highways subtypes with range domain from 80 to 120Km any other values the Out Of Range error message appears, and Secondary subtype with a domain range 60-80km ect. 

so kindly I want to know if this working with some or ArcMap doesn't support this type of operation, and if it doesn't support what is the benefit of adding default domains on the subtypes?

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