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Im trying to teach myself GIS, so I bought a one year license for arcgis for desktop($100/yr). I was sent an email to go download the software. I downloaded, installed, but I cant authorize. Ive created so many accounts trying to follow ESRI's breadcrumbs of what little I understand to get from point A to B, but I keep hitting a brick wall. I have no idea how to get back to that page. I suspect that is where my authorization code is, but im not sure...OF ANYTHING AT THIS POINT. Ive logged into  every account I created, clicked on every tab. So, basically, I spent $100 on software I cant use. IF ANYONE CAN HELP ME, I need 2nd grade step by step instructions on how to get to be able to use this software. I tried the free trial route but never found a way to download  on a trial account. Im about will to pay someone for expert help. I had no clue I needed a degree in ESRI's website/software management just to use the software to learn the skill. Ive never had this kind of trouble with software before. PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME #IGUESSIMJUSTNOTHATBRIGHT

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You must have received an email from Esri on Order Fulfillment Confirmation. The mail contains the My Esri link and the Esri account to be used for login (same account used to purchase the license). Use this to activate your My Esri account.




Once logged in to My Esri, navigate to My Organizations > Licensing > Click on ArcGIS for Personal Use.


In the View Authorizations page of ArcGIS for Personal Use, note the 12-character code starting with ESU.



Use this code when authorizing ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) Single Use. Check Authorizing ArcGIS single use products and features 


For authorizing your ArcGIS Pro, first, you need to activate your ArcGIS Online through My Esri. Please check the steps in How To: Create an ArcGIS Online Organization and access ArcGIS Pro after purchasing a Personal Use s... 


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thanks for the input but I have tried this and I dont get to my account. I
think I screwed something up the first time I went on there. Ill just have
to contact support.
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Hi @harrisj4854

If you continue to have issues getting your software licensed, please contact Esri Customer service for help. They can assist over the phone to get you set-up.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you. That is what I eventually had to do.
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