Georeference feature class to raster?

06-22-2021 03:12 AM
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Hi folks,

I have a polygon feature class that was created in reference to essentially a manually placed raster.  I now need to shift the feature class to match a properly geolocated raster.  I was thinking of using the georeferencing tool, but that's only for 2 rasters as far as I understand.  I basically need the same functionality (shift, rotate, scale to points, minimizing errors), but with a polygon and raster layer.  Any thoughts on how I might accomplish this?

I have access to ArcMap Advanced 10.8 (and it's suite of tools) and ArcGIS Pro.

Thanks in advance...

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Using Editor tools. Some tools can be found under Customize > Commands tab > Editor




In case the data is geometrically distorted, you may use Spatial Adjustment as well.

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The same functionality is available with the polygon edit tools.  You should be able to play around with them and fairly easily fit it to your new raster.

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