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ArcGIS Desktop crashing at start

04-04-2024 03:44 AM
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Hi all,

Any solution for ArcGIS 10.8 crashing after a fresh installation?

I've tried several different solution since a couple of weeks but nothing is working.

Two months ago it was working in the same PC.

Every suggestion is well accepted.

Thank you!

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Hey @Ande90r 

I was curious if any logs have showed up in Windows Event Viewer related to the application crashing? If so would you be able to send the contents? If this isn't the case, I would check to see if all of your Windows updates are up to date while also ensuring any graphics drivers are up to date.

Hope that helps!


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Dear Cody,


Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately no error message are shown and I confirm that all requested updated have been done.

Any other clues?

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What ArcGIS Desktop app, specifically, crashes?  I assume ArcMap is crashing, what about ArcCatalog, what about ArcScene?

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ArcMap crashes at start as ArcScene, while ArcCatalog is working. Anyway when i try to open any folder connection, it also crashes. 

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I have this same problem. were you able to figure out how to fix it? thanks

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Is Arc set to sign into AGOL atomatically?  I had some crash issues with 10.6.1 when it was trying to boot up and log into AGOL.

Since Map was crashing, I had to open ArcCatalog and sign out, then was able to open ArcMap again.

Though, after this, I was also able to sign in again without crashing (I just don't check the sign in automatically box anymore).


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Atm the option for the automatic login is disabled, so i don't think this is the problem.

Thank you anyway!

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