Workforce and Survey123 repeats

11-29-2020 02:30 PM
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Hi all,

I'm using a mixture of Survey123, Workforce, Dashboards and now Power Automate to coordinate the classic asset inspection program i.e A few thousand assets that are inspected a few times a year on no set schedule.

Currently I have been passing an asset ID from Workforce to Survey123 using a custom URL, than then triggers a pulldata to populate the assest's information, such as name, location, owner, etc. This has worked well, but its always been annoying that I cant define the relationship between the asset and the inspection. I have an asset layer and an inspection layer, and a number of power automate flows that update layers with data, such as adding a last inspection date from the inspection layer to the asset layer... not ideal!

Recently I've learnt about how you can use repeats to create a relationship between asset and inspection and now I'm  transforming my data to create the thousands of asset surveys, ready for the inspections (the repeats).

Using the asset inspection model as described, can Workforce launch a specific survey? Or does it require the workers to get to the work site, then manually find the right survey?

Assistance from people who have overcome this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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