Wokforce web app - limit dispatcher privileges?

12-03-2020 12:21 PM
Esri Contributor


We are planning to use workforce web app for the dispatchers to assign the tickets to the field personnel. But the client would like to disable the create assignments button, and disable updating due date and priority of the assignments, is this something possible? (assignments will be generated separately). Essentially their dispatchers will only be responsible for assigning/re-assigning field personnel and not for managing the assignments.

I see there a "Privileges" field on the Dispatchers layer created for the associated workforce service, is there something that we can configure here? I could not find any documentation on this.

I also thought of creating a simple Web AppBuilder application with bulk editor widget to assign in bulk, but the Assignments layer only stores the worker GUIDs which won’t be practical for the dispatchers to select from.


1. We would ideally like to keep working with the workforce service because the mobile workforce app works great for the field crews. 

2. Client is looking for a completely SAAS solution and creating a custom web app is unfortunately is not an option.

Any pointers help, thank you in advance!

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