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Recurring tasks as a core function

08-10-2017 11:01 AM
New Contributor

We think the option to create recurring or repeating tasks should be a core function within Workforce, as so many of our tasks involve working on something every Tuesday, or every month, etc.

I read the FAQ sheet saying this can be accomplished with scripting/programming but we feel the repeating assignments should be a built-in function of Workforce.

Are you planning a future release to add this, have you discussed this at all?

Thank you for your consideration.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Mark,

Yes, this is a request that we've gotten and the issue is in our backlog; I've added your request and information to the issue.

We don't have it planned in our current roadmap so I don't have a release timeframe that I can provide.

One question for you; if we were to provide a solution similar the recurring meetings in Calendars; where the frequency of the recurrence is set when the assignment is created; would that satisfy you requirement?

Thanks for your input on Workforce.


New Contributor III

That will be a great feature to add! Would that recurrence allow for the assignment to be unassigned/incomplete every month or depending on the frequency set when created?

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Hi Craig Gillgrass

The calendar like functionality would be a massive help to us too. Can I check in on it's position in the roadmap?


Esri Regular Contributor


No change from the last update; the issue is in our backlog, but it's not been assigned to an upcoming release.

The team is currently working on support for Offline and, when that release is available later this year, we'll re-assess the issues in our backlog and determine what to focus on for the release to follow.


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I would also like to request that this functionality be added. My city has been looking for a work order system for our public works department, and Workforce looks like it would work great, but the field workers are very hesitant to use anything that does not have automatic recurring tasks. Scripting is not an option for us. 

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Yes, please.  We have preventative and predictive maintenance that occurs and it would be nice to put a time interval on an assignment in Workforce.  For example, a crash post needs to be painted every 3 years.

thank you very much.