Can you assign tasks to all workers? Can you make unassigned tasks visible by all workers?

06-13-2017 12:50 PM
New Contributor

I have been exploring the practical applications of Workforce in a municipal government setting, we often have service requests throughout the city. What I would like our dispatchers to be able to do is create an assignment and have it assigned to everyone by default, or have it so that all unassigned tasks are visible to all workers, preferably the later. This would allow dispatchers that are lower on the corporate ladder to create work for field staff without explicitly assigning the task to one particular person, because it seems like certain foreman/crew leads like to hold that power over their employees. This would also allow field crews to monitor the unassigned tasks and pick up those that are close to, and have the proper tools to deal with. When they see one they want, they can accept it as their task, and it would disappear from the other workers tablets.

This option, or default setting seems completely necessary in order to get work done efficiently.

Also, an ability to collapse the to Do/Completed menu to the left side would be appreciated. And then if you get an assigned task or you tripped your proximity sensor, the menu could pop out and flash red at you in order to let you know.

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