Blog discussion: Creating assignments in the field with Workforce and Survey123

07-19-2018 04:34 PM
by Esri Regular Contributor
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I've posted a new blog about how you can Create assignments in the field with Workforce and Survey123. This is similar to my post about Creating assignments in the field with Workforce and Collector but shows how field workers can use Survey123 for ArcGIS to create assignments in the field. Whether your workers use Survey123 or Collector, the basic workflow is the same: create a view of the assignments for the mobile workers, make a map (for Collector) or a survey (for Survey123), give mobile workers access, and then create assignments using Collector or Survey123 in the field.

Give the blog a read, then come here to discuss it.

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This is a really nice post.  Do you know of any way to add new elements to the workforce form?  I want the worker to do the assignments in Workforce then go into Survey123 and add additional data elements like names of team members, hours worked, tools used, etc.  If I try to add new elements to the form I get an error when publishing ("Fields not found in the feature service").  You mention adding an IMAGE but what about other elements like TEXT, SELECT_ONE, etc? Is this doable?  Since you can't add custom fields to Workforce I thought this solution would work well. 

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To make this work, you'd need to add the new fields to the assignments feature service first and then create the on top of it.  We do support adding fields to the assignments feature service, but they are not picked up and displayed in the Workforce web/mobile applications.


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by Anonymous User
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Has something changed since this was published? Assignment Type doesn't add automatically when creating the survey and if I add it manually I get the following error:

The custom feature service submission url is not compatible with this survey (Field  assignmenttype in Assingments type mismatch: esriFieldTypeString != esriFieldTypeGUID).

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It looks like you're using the new Offline enabled Workforce projects (based on the message about a GUID field).

We're working on updating these blogs to reflect the new Workforce schema and provide the same steps. I don't have a timeline for when those will be available but the Workforce and Collector blog is in the final editing phase.


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Hi Kylie:

Could this workflow above (Survey123 to Workforce) be used safely to extend for public .

I would like to consolidate into one feature layer, so 1. build a Workforce Project, add fields for public contact info (email, phone, etc.) then create a view layer and 2. design in Survey123 desktop.

Then setup web form reporting that adds assignments to workforce (unassigned) to report by 3. Collaborate/share the  Survey123 Web Form > Everyone can submit > Only add new records. My problem is ensuring that this workflow does not expose the data in the layer to the public which I know you can do with Survey123. I was never successful with Geoform in the past.

Our workforce dispatchers can then assign and our crews will then use Field Maps. Ideally, we would put all in one assignments layer but integrating apps in Workforce would be ok if we can pass the asset id from the captured one on the survey123 map into the Workforce app.

Anyone doing something like this now ... any examples or blog posts for this workflow Public 123 > Into Workforce > Data managed in Field Maps

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