Workforce for ArcGIS is updating!

10-26-2017 10:47 PM
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Workforce for ArcGIS is rolling out a new update, both to the Workforce web app that is used to create projects and dispatch work, as well as the mobile client apps on the iOS and Android platforms.

We updated the web app, today, Tuesday October 31st, at 9:00AM PST, with a few highly requested new features:

1. Project Owners can now deepen the integration between Workforce and Collector/Survey123 by passing the Workforce ID field and Workforce Location field to attributes they map on either their web map or Survey form. This provides a loose coupling between work assignments and the work accomplished.

2. Dispatchers have additional information about work assignments that improve their decision making process. For each assignment, the name of the dispatcher is displayed and the Date/Time of when assignments were created and when an assignment changed state is displayed. 

3. Location is important when creating and assigning work and we don't want the panel to get in your way. Now you can hide/show the panel when you want to.

In addition to these top 3 enhancements we have fixed several bugs in the Workforce web app.

November 31st Update - The ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1 setup that includes the web app enhancements is now available on in the Apps section.

Updates to the mobile apps for iOS and Android within their respective stores in December

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Hi there,

In item No.1, can you please clarifiy Workforce 'ID' field can be passed to Collector/Survey123. This is the Workorder field as mentioned in previous geonet threads or the globalid?


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Is self-assignment of assignments by field workers something that is still under consideration?

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Hey Anthony - this is specific to the Workforce 'ID' field, yes. We are looking to add much more in the future, including the GlobalID field.

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Absolutely Adam. In our backlog of work we have the ability for you grab unassigned work near your location and assign it to yourself. Unfortunately that enhancement didn't make it for this release.

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Looking forward to getting started with workforce.... I see I can download 1.4 to use on premise in our enterprise or use the AGOL version.  How does 17.0.1 align for those of us looking to use on premise with enterprise 10.5.1?

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Hi Matthew,

We'll be releasing a new, standalone setup for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1; we're going through the release certification now.


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Is there a plan in the works to include Workforce in the managed app configuration workflow? Also looking to see if there are any advancements in the disconnected editing (updating) aspects of Workforce? In particular looking for a way to speed up our storm damage assessment deployment process.

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Hello Robert,

Yes, we plan to include Workforce in the managed app configuration workflow in our next release for Mobile.

By disconnected editing (updating), can I assume you mean offline or situations where the worker has no connectivity?  If so, that is one of the areas we're planning to work in 2018.


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Thank you for the update, looking forward the added functionality!

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We are eagerly anticipating the release of the Workforce mobile app updates, specifically to iOS.  Do you have a timeline for when the mobile app update will be available in the app store?


 - Jake

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Hi Jake,

We're currently in release certification for our mobile apps, we're anticipating they'll be available in the app stores in a few weeks.


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Thanks Jeff, Craig and Workforce Team,

These look like some really awesome updates and I recently witnessed and experienced another update not mentioned here in the web application where if you delete a User Account from AGO and forget that you had that person also in a Workforce Project, Workforce will now tell you that you have users assigned who no longer have an AGO account with your organization. Furthermore, Workforce will provide a message highlighted in red under those users in a project who Workforce has identified making very easy to track, manage, and delete these erroneous Workforce User Accounts. What a time saver that is!

On another note I know it's been said before and there has been some discussion about being able to have multiple Workers assigned to a work assignment and I understand the current mindset on this issue but perhaps allow me to expand as to why this is a necessary and highly valuable feature!

Let's say you have a maintenance crew who is part of your cities water works division; one worker is on the east side of town and is the experienced backhoe operator with the needed equipment while his partner who has the parts required to fix a leak or gusher is on the west side of town. Their Dispatcher receives a call that there is break in the mainline on the north side of town and it requires these two plus three other workers to respond to correct the situation it would be tremendously helpful to be able to create a Work Assignment for the water main break and then assign multiple worker to it and see in the Dispatch Map when all workers have accepted the emergency request and are on their way to save the day. 

Here's another powerful business use case! Let's say you have Fire, Police, Ambulance, and HAZMAT personnel in your city and/or state using Workforce and there's a major vehicle accident on one of your highways with potential fatalities, major and minor injuries with multiple vehicles involved one of which is carrying a toxic liquid substance. How powerful would it be to be able to create an assignment of the incident and then assign multiple personnel from multiple agencies with multiple disciplines to respond to and render aid to this situation and know when each one has acknowledge receipt and is one their way while also being able to able to determine approximate response times or time of arrival.

Yes before someone jumps on the "there's an app for that bandwagon", I know that's what Computer Automated Dispatch Systems, PSAP Software, and e911 solutions are for, however; none of the current systems today have the flexibility and capabilities that reside in the intelligent integration of current Esri products such as Workforce, Survey123, Collector, Operations Dashboard, and others coupled with the future of IIoT. While Workforce may not be a full fledged CAD solution, yet, it's only a matter of time before end-users such as myself take it and shape into such a creature with support from the other awesome Esri solutions out-of-the-box or by extending and developing our own enhancements with AppStudio perhaps.

WHY? Cause it can and it is the most flexible and powerful, IMHO, set of solutions available today to accomplish what truly needs to be done with today's Geographic Information Systems in and for Operational Environments.

SO great jobs guys/gals but please, please, please keep pushing the edge of what Workforce can and/or will do cause you both know I will... 🙂

Chris Rogers, OKDPS

Geographic Information Solutions Guru 

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What about geofences and notifications? Any news here?

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That's a good question. I would like to hear what Esri has to say about it. I assume you have to use their existing geoevent server to do this work or a python script running from a task schedule

by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor

Are there any considerations of assigning an area to a team/group? There will be cases that a team needs to inspect or assess an area, for example, in the disaster recovery scenario, teams are formed to work in specific areas.

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Is there any movement on the suspected state of Workforce for Windows 10? Or is this indefinitely off any further development plans for now?