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Workflow Manager Unable to Change to Portal User Store

03-17-2017 11:35 AM
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I recently upgraded to 10.4.1 and switched over to Portal for ArcGIS. Our ArcGIS Server is federated with the Portal and users are able to take advantage of Single Sign-On through the browser. Now I'm wanted to move from the Traditional User Store to the Portal User Store.

Initially through the Workflow Manager Administrator when I switched it would show the page for ArcGIS Online (to sign-in). I then added my Portal through the ArcGIS Administrator with no warnings or errors. Now when I go to change from Traditional to Portal, it toggles back to Traditional as soon as I click Portal. 

I checked the ArcGIS Connection software, it will shows as connected, but it appears to timeout then shows that's it's "Not currently signed in." 

I ran the connection test here are the results:

Proxy Server Test - Passed
No proxy server.

Download Speed Test - Failed
Test site unreachable.

Network Latency Test - Undetermined
Reason Unknown.

Network Route Test - Failed
Reason Unknown.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? 

Thank you,


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Hi Daniel,

Have you been able to resolve your issue? This is likely something to look at with tech support.


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